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The 2020 Farm Bill and Why is Matters

As many of you in the industry know, the USDA's Interim Final Rule (IFR) is about to go into effect on November 1st, 2020. 

Our friends at Vote Hemp are urging the hemp community to join the call to ask Congress to change the legal definition of hemp to allow 1% THC.

The petition explains: We need Congress to change the definition of hemp to allow up to 1% THC so that farmers can grow hemp crops without fearing that they will later have to destroy them.

Once Congress changes the definition, “there would be very few cases of America’s hemp farmers getting their crop destroyed. While the industry continues to work on more stable varieties, people would still have to be careful, but if we moved to 1%, the number of samples that would test hot would be very limited,” Eric Steenstra from Vote Hemp said.

To Congress:

I support changing the definition of hemp to allow up to 1% THC in the plant. Many farmers have had their crops destroyed due to the outdated definition of hemp. The hemp industry is creating good jobs in farming and manufacturing and we need to ensure the industry can continue to grow and compete with other countries that allow higher THC levels. I urge Congress to change the definition of hemp now so that no more farmers will lose their crops.

Please add your name to the petition urging Congress to redefine hemp as up to 1% THC and share this with your friends!

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